Presentation is the key!.. Put your property agency ahead of the competition with quality, clean, professional photography.
I have now shot in the region of 80+ properties for various agents in and around Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. When photographing this many properties, the experience gained is excellent and over this period I have refined my skills. Knowing what to look out for and also how to improve a property through artistic or simply refined photographs has become my forté. Agents often say to me "how do you make the rooms look so big and bright?".. Well of course I use a wide angle lens, just to a safe point at 16mm to minimise curvature and lens distortion. I use a Canon 5D MK III with L series lenses and additional lighting where required.

Turnaround and Price

Images are usually turned around in 24hrs. Editing includes a list of aspects and options within Adobe Lightroom, then Photoshop. File sizes are usually not cropped as I like to get the framing right when taking the photographs, so this size High Res is 5760 x 3840px, I also supply a set at 1400px suitable for web uploads.
You should expect to receive around 20 pictures for a 3 bed property including external shots. For a 1 bed flat it would be more in the region of 14.
I charge £100+vat per property up to 3 bed, for bigger properties please call. This includes travel in Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire. For further away regions add travel at £30ph

This is my photographic style below.. Clean, sharp with slightly low saturation and lifted shadows, minimal contrast.

Various Property Photographs

Agent AMMO - Artistic Shots at the premises

Ideal for ad's and web site's these sort of shots cry out for a few lines of text, selling a lifestyle or warm caring environment, read into them what you will!

External Property Photographs