Face and mouth untouchedFace and mouth photo retouchedWe offer as part of our photography services and sessions, a retouching option for images. Whether it's skin blemishes, fixing hair and make up or changing the mood of a picture entirely. All can be accomplished professionally to a superb, high standard.
When we 'fix' an image we like to keep it looking as natural as possible as the sample pictures below illustrate. Often in glossy magazines one can see real heavy duty photo retouching / airbrushing giving skin an almost unreal smooth glow.. If that's your desire then sure, of course we can do that for you!

Not just limited to our photo shoots, photo enhancement options are available for your own images should you wish them to be livened up, backgrounds changed, people removed or replaced, whatever you want to accomplish with your existing photo's, trust that they can be manipulated to suit by our professional photo editing services.

Photograph Refinements

In addition to spot, blemish removal and the softening of the skin, the photograph above has had refinement to the eyes, with sharpening of the brows and lashes.. When a viewer looks at a portrait they are naturally drawn to the eyes of the model. Enhancing these areas, along with lips and hair can make the image stronger and more appealing. A mistake is to soften the skin and also include these areas. If there are skin blemishes these should be removed prior to skin retouching and any other sharpening or enhancement. Girl's skin before photo retouchingGirl's skin after photo retouchingThe software artist should focus on one area at a time when retouching / air brushing photographs, using layer masks is a favourite with a light feathered brush to reveal the effect, keeping the manipulation firmly under control. Many other factors are also controlled to achieve the final image including levels, saturation, colour balance, curves and contrast.
There's certainly a formula to the procedure when retouching photographs for the best professional results.

Photograph and Image Manipulation

The CD cover below right was constructed from the two images above. The mask was purchased and the photograph of the girl was staged with the final image already planned. The cropping at the top of the mask was not a problem as the artist's logo sat there well, so it was feathered to suit placement. A fair bit of photo manipulation was required to balance the tones in the final image, along with much of the mask being carefully removed so as to keep the skin showing in the lower sections.

Image Manipulation