The comfortable, clean, air conditioned control room here at the Metech recording studio is ideal for both relaxing and performing. We have a dedicated vocal room outside, with some artists choosing to work with a producer/engineer in the studio control room. Either room captures superb vocals, using a Neumann U87 mic and Avalon pre-amp compressor, which is being digitally converted using the Universal Audio Quad 16,in 24-bit at sample rates up to 192kHz.

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Zen Console

The fantastic Audient Zen console we have here allows us to root up to six stereo headphone mixes, tiered with levels to suit a performers requirements. We have an automated version of the console. Four monitor speaker options are available and we choose the faithful, industry standard NS10M's alongside powered Tannoy with sub, a 500w PA and other Hi-fi options.

Plug-in Power

Metech have invested in Waves, Universal Audio, Slate Digital and many more plug-ins alongside numerous synths. Also externally there is an analogue Roland GAIA and JP-8080 plus guitar and bass instruments available (and hundreds of amp simulators).
Most of our engineers use Logic X, however we do have ProTools 9 available on a 12 core mac.

Live Room

For recording bands at Metech we have the option of the acoustically treated live room here at Millennium Studios. It's an easy load in with plenty of private parking available. The site runs 24hr security. There are 24 tracks running from the live room into the control room, allowing up to 16 Audient mic pre-amps, plus further options through outboard Avalon pre's.
We also have a second small, sound-treated room available which is ideal for vocals, drums and guitar tracking, mic'ing amp's for monitoring through the desk in the control room. You could also record percussion and brass set-up's in that sound treated, 'dead' room.

Music Mixing and Remixing Services

At Metech we love all music, whether it's jazz or industrial techno, metal or commercial dance music. We pride ourselves in a 'good ear', knowing what's right when it comes to getting the best out of a recording. We can mix your audio stems or of course you can record here.. Ideal for tracking! - Housing amp's in a different acoustically treated room, makes the control room an ideal tracking studio for guitars.
We also do mastering here (£35 per track) and this is a free extra when clients use us to mix or record them.

Our experienced engineer can also offer a remixing service, if you would like a version of your song specifically for clubs for instance, whether commercial or alternative. The recording studio facility, with engineer is charged at £35ph.